Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Friday Flash 55-my sensitive, poetic side...

I'm Daddy's little helper,
Its just Him and Me.
I make Daddy's life
As hard as a tree.

We work together
To make Momma smile.
She smiles so much more
Than she has for a while.

She's just as happy now
As a bride in Niagara.
Thank you dear Pfizer ,
And your pill named Viagra!

(Mike the Poet bows deeply to his audience, picks up his Scotch from a conveniently placed stool and exits....stage right!)


Rebicmel said...

I am laughing my head off. I just bet momma is very happy lol.... Roflmbo

Ambre said...

That's just too funny!! If mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!


great 55, but mine won't be up until Friday...

S said...

Ambre is correct, if momma aint happy aint nobody happy! Mr Ratburn tells me that all the time!

Thanks for playing again Mike, I am really loving your 55s~

Queenie said...

How good was your 55, it was brill .
Now I've stopped laughing, thanks for popping by, you have a great blog here Queeenie will be back.

G-Man said...

Great job Mike...

and just a foot note...

I pity the couples
That don't have a clue,
Of the virtues of a small pill,
by the color of Blue!

Sophia said...

ROFLMAO.....Oh Mike that is just way too funny!!!!

lime said...

ROFLMAO!!! ya know, i did NOT see that ending coming (pardon the pun *wink) love it!

MIke Kilgore said...

Missy-its about the only thing that ahe likes about me!

Ambre-You know I love to make you "giggle"!

s-Thanks for stopping in again, I'm get the feeling Mr. Rathburn is a happy guy!

Queenie-Welcome to visitors from the other side of the pond. Come back anytime!

G-man-great post-script-I've been one upped on my own blog!

Sophia, where have you been, I missed you and all the puking!

Lime-I thought you would enjoy this one...

snowelf said...

ROFL!! You are truly a sensitive soul indeed!! ;) I love it!!

I'm going to add you to my list of 55's for everyone. :)


MONA said...

ROTFLMAO!! Gosh ! here I was looking at your photo & thinking of how old your daddy & mamma might be!
This is Hilarious!
Mama's happiness is of primary concern you are right!


MIke Kilgore said...

Snowelf-Thanks, I have added you to my blogger list as well!

Mona-at my advanced age they would be in their 120's!

Snow White said...

LOL Great one there, Mike! And thanks for stopping by. And, no, not all men suck... just some of 'em!

Anonymous said...
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