Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it Friday again??? Lets try a Flash in 55 words!

I quickly undressed and got under the covers before she got into the room. Trying so hard to be really cool but having those nervous butterflies buzzing around in my stomach. We had just met and barely spoken but I hoped this would be great! 48 years old and I'm getting my first spa massage...

Caryn got me a massage treatment at a local spa for Valentine's Day this year so I gave it a whirl last night. She told me she hoped it would relax me. I told her it was VERY many wives would gift their husband with a certificate that entitles them to go into a small room, get naked and have a strange woman rub oil on them! She may be reconsidering the wisdom of her gift.....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Flash 55-A little whining!

Up late again,
forgot to do the wash.
Find the cleanest pair and pull 'em on!
One advantage to being bald...

No time to eat.
Drive up window time.
Brilliant, best invention ever!
But the coffee sucks...

Working harder and longer.
Making less.
This is a tough business in tough times.
Where's MY freakin' bailout?

Happy Friday all! 55 words is all you need to play. No more-no less! Stop by G-mans if you want to play!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday Flash-in 55!

I woke up and rolled towards the middle of the bed. She was facing away from me sleeping with a slow and steady breath. I cozied up and ran a hand along her silky smooth side and down across her hip. Gone for a while, but back now and familiar. I smiled and drifted off...

Admit're never sure what will be here on Friday! Me neither......Happy Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday Flash 55! Mirrors and Shadows

The date stamped on the back is in 1923. The house is older than that, so the mirror on the medicine cabinet was something new, once. The reflection is poor, its tough to shave, even with all the lights on. Is it the age of the mirror or the shadows of reflections from the past....?

My wife and I moved into an old row home in a quaint section of town-this place has a REAL main street with small shops, small pubs and restaurants and no national or chain stores. The street is tree-lined and well maintained. The house is old but most of it has been updated-except the bathroom! It has an old claw foot tub, really bad linoleum on the floor....and a really cloudy mirror! Ah, well...happy Friday!