Thursday, October 4, 2007

Friday Flash 55-The big news!

I got married for the first time in December of 1979. In December of 1980 my wife graced me with a bright and precocious daughter. Over the years she excelled at academics and track-going to the State tourney 2 times. She graduated from Edinboro University in 2003-Summa Cum Laude. Come next June, she will be making me a Grandpa for the first time. I love ya, Jen.

This may not be my best 55-but it's true.

If you ask a man who's honest,
he'll say "I want a son".
Someone to carry on the name,
to play and go have fun.

As that man gets ever older,
and learns a thing or two,
and if still he's honest,
This is what he'll do:

Value the depth and grace of daughters...

Jen, you've always made me proud. The good things I see in me, I see in you. Not so much with my bad qualities! Congrats to you and Matt.