Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flash 55-Spirit

Spirit has the power to enlighten us. Why not be enlightened?
Spirit has the power to heal us.Why not be healed?
Spirit has the power to empower us. Why not be empowered?
Spirit has the power to grow us. Why not be bigger?
Spirit has the power to move us. Lets all get moving!

Hey old friends! I've started a bit of a new journey and I just started writing again. I have a new blog (if you like you can link from this one) I gotta tell you, I've missed all the posts and comments but its tough to make the time...Thanks for always being there and have a Kick Ass Life!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Flash 55-Resolution

He began to realize as he drew nearer the half century mark, that he was developing a certain similarity to the Pillsbury Dough Boy. He resolved to attack the problem and no time better than the New Year! Off to Gold's Gym for a one dollar sign up deal. Resolve is very highly over-rated!

Hi guys, sorry to have been absent for so long but life intrudes! The better half joined the gym to use the pool and talked me into it. Some years ago, I coached high school football, some baseball and was fairly active. Lately....not so much. There is a definte softening of the middle and things have gotten a lot heavier lately. I'm blaming gravity......So its off to the gym 3 times a week. Damn.....