Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Friday Flash 55-The Path

He continued to wander the forest in search of The Path. He knew it was here because he could feel it. He climbed a high hill and looked off in the distance. Seeeing nothing, he looked back and saw a long and winding path to his feet. He realized then that the world was his......

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday Flash 55-Angels

He was going through hell. Unbelievable traffic accident, son, daughter and wife all in different hospitals. All in serious condition. Questions without any real answers and facing a future uncertain. He needed rest to clear his mind, but where to find it? Then at last finding comfort and caring. Sometimes angels can wear clown suits.....

In 1995 my wife was broadsided at an intersection by a fully loaded tractor-trailer with my son and daughter. She was life-flighted to UPMC in Pittsburgh, my son was under observation in the local hospital and my daughter was in Todd Children's Hospital in Youngstown, OH. I was traveling about 120 miles daily trying to keep up with everyone. Todd's had a Ronald McDonald house attached and I spent one night there, my parents were there for several nights. These were some of THE kindest folks I ever met, in fact one lady made my Dad a chocolate cake! Today on my way to work I stopped at the McDonald's drive thru for breakfast and they were asking for a one dollar donation for RMH. I gave a bit more. If you're out, why not grab a Big Mac and leave an extra buck or two for these folks, they're well worth it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday Flash 55-Meditation

Having released his frustrations into the healing waters of the lake, he climbed a hill that sat high above the water. He sat cross-legged under a majestic old oak and watched a hawk glide majestically overhead. He closed his eyes, listened to the call of the hawk and accepted the energy of Spirit deeply.

Guess I'm getting a little more introspective of late. I recently started meditation and have hung around some new-agey types. Why these ancient beliefs are called new, I'll never know. I guess you're never to old to look in new directions....or old ones!