Saturday, September 15, 2007

A couple of slightly naughty limericks...

There was an old man from Kent,
Who's manhood was quite oddly bent.
When out for a whirl,
Remarked a young girl,
"Now that is an oddly shaped tent!"

Or this variant if you prefer:

There was an old man from Kent,
Who's manhood was quite oddly bent.
Then said a young girl,
When he gave her a whirl,
I knew not if I was coming or went!

Missy told me she was going camping at Beaver Bend. I remarked that it sounded like a limerick to me. She didn't think that I could, but;

A young lady in need did intend,
To earn money she needed to send.
So she put on a show,
An internet video,
"My God,"said he,"how that Beaver could Bend!"

Feel free to post yours in the comments!


Ambre said...

There was a young man named Mike
Who looked sort of like a dyke
He wore ribbons and bows
and loved to suck toes
You'd never had known
Had you not been shown

Ambre said...

but now the poor fellas
cover is blown

Toadee said...

here's a combination of your previous themes Mike

A chap who saw Beaver Bend
decided he'd found a best friend
the reason he knew
it had to be true
his manhood was bent at the end

lime said...

toadee was having the same thoughts i was having but expressed them so much better than i could, hehehehe.

instead all i can say is, coming from Pa i think we have a special 'bent' (pun intended) toward this sort of thing...i mean we have towns named intercourse, paradise, bird in hand, blue ball, beaver falls. we used to have an institute of higher leanring called beaver college but so many graduates were so embarassed to show their diplomas they renamed it arcadia college a few years ago.

MIke Kilgore said...

Ambre-as always...

Great one Toadee!

Lime-I'm orginally from W PA, I've been to Beaver college, and, btw, there was a great strip club there! Don't forget Virginville....

snowelf said...


Mike, you naughty naughty boy! :)


MIke Kilgore said...

Snowelf-I am definately the blogger to make out with, I may make you a limerick after!

Rebicmel said...

ROFLMAO @ all of you and here I though Oklahoma had all those weird names for towns but Lime girl your state has it beat.. Mike this was great I glad you posted them!!!

MIke Kilgore said...

Glad you liked it Missy, you were, after all, the inspiration for the Beaver one!

jadey said...

your a very clever and funny man Mike I am impressed.

Sophia said...

Where's the barf bag?


Flash said...

There once was a girl from Wheeling,
Who had never sensed sexual feeling
Until a guy named Boris
just touched her Clitoris, and she had to be scrapped off the ceiling.

MIke Kilgore said...

Excellent Flash!

Nice to see you Sophia and Jadey.

MONA said...

LOL! funny indeed!

MONA said...

LMAO @ toadee !!